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For us, the HDMobel team, our customers are the most important sources of inspiration. All products found in this catalog have been created to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. Highest quality materials and the best technology allow us to produce any project, regardless of the complexity. Quality means durability, naturalness, design and reliability. For you, as a customer, who buy our windows and doors, we offer a guarantee and very good quality, so that you can enjoy these products for a long time. HDMobel has the necessary knowledge and experience to always realize the customer's wishes.

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We use only carefully selected wood, especially from Mount Gurghiu in Transylvania.

Spruce and oak - known for their quality, stability and durability. Dried in controlled drying rooms, computer controlled to 10% standard moisture until further processing.


We manufacture windows and doors made of triple-layered wood with different geometrical shapes, different configurations and openings. We buy the fittings from the company ROTO NT from Germany.


Because we want to produce world-class products, we use materials that are resilient to any weather, reliable and environmentally friendly.


Heat losses are dammed by glazing, LowE + Fl + Argon - the minimum configuration we use has the thermal coefficient K 1.1 W / mpK, which results in a total thermal conductivity coefficient of the window of 1.2 W / mpK. Based on this configuration, we can also offer other types of glass: colored glass, decorated glass, safety glass or triple glazing.

Natural light in the interior contributes significantly to the quality of life and efficiency of all the activities we have taken over. The handling of quantity and quality of light is the most important aspect to maintain a bright ambience.

Research shows that consumers are paying more and more attention to design and beauty. We complement our windows with innovative design and aesthetics. Windows and doors made of hard or soft wood, give grace and comfort to any interior.

The excellent thermal properties and radiating warmth of wood make it the preferred material for the manufacture of many everyday products, especially windows and doors.